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How to create google chrome bookmark in (All devices)- 2020

how to show bookmarks bar in chrome for android

Google chrome is a popular web browser, that enables you to customize many features and install useful extensions. However, it is not user-intuitive when it comes to finding your bookmark files. Sometimes you need to find these bookmark files when you want to delete a corrupted file or backup your bookmarks. If you are doing a reset of your operating system, you should save the bookmarks, otherwise they will be lost. You probably don't want to use google chrome but your bookmark should appear in your new browser.

Whatever your reason for requiring the location of the bookmarks files, before you can modify or delete them, you must exit google chrome. If not, chrome can detect the change in files and restore them automatically. Whether you have a windows, mac, iPhone, or Linux operating system, you can find your google chrome bookmark files by following a few simple steps.

Where are google chrome bookmarks in windows?

To access the bookmark files on windows you need to access your App data folder, to find the folder follow these steps:

  • Open file explorer.
  • Select this pc option.
  • Double click your C drive, Double click the User folder, and double click the user name.
  • Open the App data folder, if you don't see it follow the steps in the section below to show hidden files and folders.
  •  Open the Local folder, double click the google folder, double click the chrome folder, and double click the data user folder.
  • Open the Default folder and scroll down to locate bookmark file.
  • Right-click on the bookmark files, select Open and then go to your Notepad and view your bookmark.
  • You can copy, move or delete this file now.

Where are google chrome bookmarks on mac os?

Google Chrome stores its bookmarks in the mac os directory, you can view this directory with the help of the terminal telephone programs and its command-line interface.

Type command line: "Users/<your user name>/Library/Application support/google/chrome/Default/".
Press enter and the Finder will access the folder with your bookmarks.
  • Open the Finder icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Go to /User/<your user name>/.
  • If you do not see a 'Library', directory, press the command+Shift+Duration button, this will change the hidden folders and give you the access you need.
  • Enter the library and go to the application support folder.
  • Find Google and enter the directory.
  • Then open chrome and enter it.
  • Enter the Default folder.
  • At last, you will see the bookmark file.

How to google chrome bookmarks in Linux?

If you are using the Linux you have follow these steps.
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+T to open the Terminal, you can also search it manually on your Application bar.
  • In the Terminal window type to it: /home/<your user name>/.config/google-chrome/Default/.
  • or otherwise, you can use this method: /home/your user name>/.config/chromium/Default/.
  • Press enter, and you have found your bookmark file will be accessible.
When you type a path in Linux, the period before the configuration signals that the folder is hidden,(.). This is easily accessible.

Get your bookmarks as an HTML file:

If you don't want to go through hidden and computer files, you can get your google chrome bookmarks if you export them as an HTML file.
  • Open google chrome.
  • Go to more option the top right side of the windows.
  • Circle your bookmarks with the bookmark section.
  • Click bookmark manager the manager window should open.
  • Click the Organize icon
  • Click Export bookmarks, now you choose your destination folder on your file.

If for some reason your bookmarks file can't be found in specific folders or you have trouble exporting the HTML file, you can pose a query on google support. sometimes a problem is a glitch in your profile or another type of malfunction, if so someone from the customer group will take you to the solution. If you have any doubts comment to the comment section. I will surely give an answer for you.

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