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what is TTY mode how to use on an iPhone and android-2020

what is tty mode
TTY meaning-2020

You have seen any typewriter machine? or use to that? They're also a normal machine for normal people. This TTY machine is invented by special people for example speech or hearing impaired people. It is newly modelled machine. In this new invention is a very useful one for those impaired people. Now am talk about the what is TTY mode?  How it works? How to use it? and what kind of option it has? am think about it was satisfied to you. Let's see about TTY mode.

what is tty mode,tty mode
how TTY works

What is TTY mode?

TTY means teletypewriter. It is a type of typewriter machine for special people. Did you see the typewriter machine? it is type who speaks the word and another people type to typewriting machine. It was a normal machine to type for typewriting. But in this TTY is special for especially for some people. Because the blind or deaf and dumb people do not use to normal TTY. In this type of people does not to type for the machine. So this invention is a very useful one. The typewriter records a person's speaking on a typewriter. This is called TTY mode.

Teletypewriter is an ancient technology. But they have been adopted to new media to continue to provide accessibility features for persons with hearing loss or speech impairment. The FFC mandated that cell phones be compatible with teletypewriters to maintain accessibility as much as possible so TTY mode is regardless of accessibility requirement.

Firstly teletypewriters were used in newsrooms before the age of cell phones and the internet. They sit in a row chatting while they make a lot of noise in their prints. You can send messages from one end of the country to the other using the exciting telephone networks. When the Internet, Email and mobile phones were acquired, teletypewriters took a back seat, they are now almost exclusively used for hearing loss or speech impairment.

How does TTY work?

TTY is a different model typewriter with a small display screen. Depending on the model you are using it may or not may print out the messages. The device connect to the compatible cell phone using TTY cables and basically servers as a short service device.

Type your message in the teletypewriter and check on the screen. Once submitted, it will be shipped over the phone via TTY cables and sent to your carrier Receive the result message and read it directly over the phone or via their teletypewriter. TTY mode is a traditional technology and can be used to communicate with many deaf or hard of hearing people. There are also real type IP technologies to make communications more accessible, but these require a data plan or digital telephone connection. TTY mode is maintained for those who can access mobile data or are limited to analogue telephone connections. Access continues but it is not everywhere.

How to use TTY mode

If you have a compatible handset, using TTY mode is very simple. When you turn on TTY mode other phone functions will not work properly. Depending on the phone you have you can't do SMS or regular voice recordings while it's on. You will need a teletypewriter, a TTY cable and your phone. Usually the TTY cable will connect to the audio jack.  Next, you turn on TTY mode and go from there.

Therefore if you are not using a teletypewriter, it means switching the setting to get access to the full functionality of your phone. There are usually four systems to choose from, including TTY Off, TTY Full, TTY HCO, and TTY VCO. Here is the meaning of each.

How to use TTY mode on an Android phone

  • Select the Application app and settings.
  • Select Call from the setting.
  • Select the TTY mode and the desired TTY mode.
  • TTY off, TTY On, TTY HCO, and TTY VCO, which are the three different type of TTY mode.
  • Tap back to the main menu, to make a call. You can select whether you want to make the call normally, or using the selected TTY mode.
  • If these same step to you have you for the turn of the TTY mode.

How to use TTY mode on an iPhone

  • Select Settings > General > Accessibility.
  • Select TTY mode.
  • If you will use the built-in software TTY or If you will attach an external device through Hardware TTY.
  • Exit to the Home screen.
  • Select the person you want to call.
  • When the call screen opens tap the TTY mode.
  • Type the message, you did like to send to be the call.


TTY off is pretty straight forward, which means the TTY mode is not enabled. TTY is useful if both sides have speech or hearing impairments. It sends and receives text to each node via a teletypewriter.


TTY FULL is for text-only communications the audio component is absent either way.


TTY HCO is a hearing carry over, which means your messages are sent text via but received as audio. This system is primarily used for persons with speech impairment. Think of speech plans for the text and you will understand the meaning of this system. It is useful if the caller has speech impairments, but the invited party does not. Teletypewriters sends the message via text, and the answers are audio.


TTY VCO is for voice carry over, which means you are speaking, turning teletypewriter sounds into text on the other end. The messages are received in text, and the system is primarily used for the deaf. Think of speech to text programs and you will understand VCO. TTY VCO is best used when the caller is deaf but has no problems with speech. The caller sends a message via audio and receives responses as text. If you want to communicate with someone who is deaf but not has a TTY compatible phone, you can use the telecommunications relay service in the United States. The service provides 24-hour help to anyone who calls 711.


This is what you need to know about the TTY mode. If you need more accessibility options or you are constantly in contact with someone in need of help, it may be a good idea to consider your next smartphone. Unless you need additional help or regular contact with someone who needs help, you don't need TTY mode.

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