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How to Enable WhatsApp Two step verification

What is two-step verification?

In the modern world, we use many technologies.  But also we can choose the app for chatting conversation sharing files and documents sent on Whatsapp.  
Since 600 million people were using WhatsApp.  They think it was a safe app for chatting and sharing the necessary skills.  But it was not safe for her time so the Whatsapp app launched the application Two-step verification. It was very secure for your WhatsApp chats and something. So you can use it saved your privacy secrets on your WhatsApp.

All of the people use a smartphone. We use many apps but trending for Whatsapp but it was not safe. People do not know how to use Whatsapp with full of security. It was very dangerous for them because someone hacked your details from Whatsapp. So you should secure your Whatsapp. It was not a problem for you. How you download WhatsApp in a smartphone. Download the app and enter your phone number and OTPnumber then opened your Whatsapp account.

 If you insert your sim another mobile and use Whatsapp on the same number you enter your same mobile number and OTP then open it. Sometimes someone hacked your mobile phone or your number. At that time they have known your personal chats. So once you verified the Two-step verification with a six-digit passcode, no one hacked your number and nobody miss use your Whatsapp number. So Whatsapp, an app launched the application for you that is Two-step verification.

1. open WhatsApp click the right side top on  three dots and into the  settings select the option account go to Two-step verification

2. enter your six-digit passcode confirm the passcode. (enter six-digit passcode it will be password)

3. Enter your mail ID. (why enter Email ID because once if you forget your passcode you have enter email id and get forget passcode).

4. Now your Two-step verification activated. you will change your PIN number and Email ID. you have does not like the Two-step verification you will disable the two-step verification.

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