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How To Change Your Game Status In Discord-2020

discord custom status in 2020

How to change game status in discord:

Discord is created for the online players. Discord means Difference of opinion. If there are used and playing for the online games. In some games are played and at the same time chat for their friends and other players. In this app was into Android and iOS. We are playing with our friends on the street. Nowadays we were settled in different places. We were really missing that life, But now the chance to get from another time. In this situation created from the option to meet and play for your childhood friend. Now a period for technological helps to whom what they think what about they did that the skills.

The human beings are addicted to mobile gaming. Some times we are playing to the online games with their friends. In this online game special is the person talk with his friend and chat to him. So it`s really special for the people to play with their friends. This is how the discord processor can be very helpful. Who is used the online games to play, there should be compulsory known as the discord processor.

What is the special for the discord processor?. Now we are playing with the other person, he lives in another place, how it is possible. That`s the way of discord processor connecting. It was special for discord. This is how to use the discord processor, very simple and gentle, and easy to handle. Discord processor is available for PC and android mobile.

You are the popular online gamer or PUBG player, you have like to use the Discord processor, it will be a new experience. Most of the time you will be using these discount cards be fast Sent to the Voice call and video calls and SMS  from getting you to the discord.

How to change online status in discord in a proper way:

Discord online status has four types

                1. Idle
                2. Do not
                3. Disturb
                4. Invisible.
This status will not cooperate with you while you play. So give it try to follow steps.

1. Right-click on the discord client avatar.
2. Select your playing status from the option there.
You will find this status every time and enough, it will have to be changed. When you restart the app, it automatically turns on.

How to change your game status in Discord

What games are we playing on our device, Discord finds out and tells to friends. Because discord has taken care of our processor completely. However, this only valid for games or  Discord data quality. You will create a position to suit the game you play. There is a downside here, is that there is no direct pain in editing games or programs. But there is a loophole that can be used.

1. Run the game in background <open discord> open user setting.
2. In the left menu select games and add it on the right.
3. Manually add whatever game your phone the list that is present.
4. Types in whatever status you want in the message box.

This is the message of the day until the games runs in the background. The message changes with the game stopped. If no one likes the game you play, you can disable the game.

Even though you cannot edit it properly, but you can see how it works. Because the task manager gives the computer appearance, instead of playing the game, you can manually add a processor and display it on discord. Say sims 4 but play the world they know. Just open up the well-done game or program and check it out get discord to name something else.

Notepad++ is a useful program for this. It consumes very little computer resources and is not currently validated on discord. Does it work in the background, discord pick it up, give it a custom message and then start your other game. While it is not guaranteed to work, it does work. I tried it and stayed on the discord notepad for three or four times. It is a great way to get a custom game status when you are not playing anything.

Game level is a clean way to tell the world what you are doing and what you are playing. It`s a way to be witty or clever, and adds another element of fun to an already very cool setting. The game has a way to go though it`s a little restricted by the verified game system, so it`s not that bad.

How do you show the game on discord mobile?:

There are two ways to do this on mobile. By placing the custom position or by going to user <settings> game function.

1. Click the top left dropbox represented by the 3 horizontal lines.
2. Find your name at the bottom of the screen and click on it.
3. You will now see your online status options.
4. Click custom set.you can now place any position you want.

<settings> and game activity

1. Click the top left dropbox represented by the 3 horizontal lines.
2. Find your name at the bottom of the screen and click the setting option specified by the gear.
3. Scroll down to the "game activity" tab and click on it.
4. You are now in the game activity tab.
5. You can now choose to show the game.

Overall the discord is great for a gamer and non-gamer alike. Incredibly powerful VoIP and messaging app, and whether it`s gaming or otherwise though we think this is a great tool for most users looking for a tool to communicate with low prize entry, wide availability and solid video chat implementation. Discord is one of the best messaging app you can get today.

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